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Tubular film is available in both mono and co-extrusion specifications over widths of 10”, guaranteeing high quality standards. Especially suitable for the automatic further processing of free-flowing bulk materials. This type of film can be supplied plain or printed in up to 8 spot colour. It is also possible to heat seal each end to create a sealed bag for your product. Lay flat tubing is a continuous tube of polyethylene supplied conveniently on a roll. Lay flat tubing is ideal for packing long items such as rolls of carpet and can be cut at any length by yourself to produce ad-hoc protective packaging for any product. It is also possible to heat seal the ends, or simply tie, tape or staple. This tubing is available in clear or tinted films, again either plain or printed.



Polythene sheeting is supplied on rolls and is available in wide range of colours, thicknesses and sizes depending on your requirements. It can be produced in both mono and 3 layer co-extruded film and if required can be printed up to 8 spot colours on widths up to 2500mm, maximising your advertising potential. We can also produce up to 12meter wide multi-folded films for shrinking.



Some of the other extras we offer include UVI stabilisers, EVA anti-static, micro/macro perforated, embossed, polypropylene non/low fusion, frost resistant & non/anti slip.

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