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Stretch Hooding Film

With the stretch hooding, instead of using hot air, the operation of pallet packing relies on stretching the film "on cold" and putting stretched packaging on your product. For the sake of shorter time needed for packing process and smaller mass of single packaging this method is becoming more and more popular, however, a stretch hooding machine would be required to operate with this product.

As this hood is stretched over your palletised load it keeps it extremely stable as well as being able to keep its strenght at high temperatures. It is also has high clarity so it is perfect if viewing the product on the pallet is essential.

The stretch hood film is produced as a sleeve with folds. It is possible to produce the film with an overlay to advertise your company or product on the side of your shipment.  



Some of the other extras we offer include UVI stabilisers, EVA anti-static, micro/macro perforated, embossed, polypropylene non/low fusion, frost resistant & non/anti slip.

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