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Collation Shrink

Collation shrink is generally used to collate a product, prior to palletising the bulk of the order such as drinking bottles. This type of film is usually required to have excellent clarity and a high gloss finish, as well as being strong and durable as it is often required that the goods will be displayed for re-sale in this packaging. A shrink oven would be required to secure the film to your product and this product can be printed in up to 8 spot colours.


Form Fill & Seal Films

Form Fill & Seal films are designed to run on automatic bagging and filling equipment and have the added advantage of being able to accommodate a full colour process print if required. The film can be produced to be run on either a vertical or horizontal loading fill seal machine and is supplied on a roll. It can be supplied as either single wound sheet or centre fold sheet. This type of packaging is widely used for the farming, industrial and food wrapping industries.



Some of the other extras we offer include UVI stabilisers, EVA anti-static, micro/macro perforated, embossed, polypropylene non/low fusion, frost resistant & non/anti slip. For more information on the additives mentioned, visit the Glossary of Terms page
















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